Well here we are completely hacked to pieces again. The hack cam in through the Vbulletin forum we use and they have totally wrecked all my sites, including my wife's horse forums.
My shit I can deal with being hacked even if it does piss me off no end. When my family start getting messed with then I do things. I contacted Vbulletin about the php code injection and they confirmed that have corrected the issue in the latest release. However they want me to pay £120 for said latest release that includes bug fix! Something I am not prepared to do.
It was fun to begin with. The cat and mouse game with BT was enjoyable and fairplay to them they could have tried to the site shut down but I never heared a peep out of them. Then it became a chore as the hacks and the spam became more and more frequent.
This final carnage is the straw that has broken the donkey's back.

So that's it. We're down, gone, dead and buried. PsiDOC.com is no more.
I hope you enjoyed it and I wish you all the best.
Simon (AKA PsiDOC)